A bad result for bigotry

Something wonderful happened in the Scottish elections this week. A whole bunch of politicians who’d bet on transphobia being a vote-winner were either kicked out of office or failed to get elected in the first place.

The most obvious example of that is self-confessed sex pest Alex Salmond’s sleepy cuddles party, Alba, which failed to gain a single seat or even a convincing share of the vote, and the Scottish Family Party doing predictably badly. But there were other losers too, such as the deeply unpleasant Joan McAlpine (SNP), Catriona MacDonald (SNP) and Andy Wightman (independent). Two other vocally anti-trans politicians, Johann Lamont and Jenny Marra (both Labour) also stepped down. In a single week the Scottish parliament has lost many of its anti-trans politicians.

I’m not going to pretend that transphobia was the only reason why some of these candidates were defeated; for example McAlpine was defeated by a Tory, a party hardly famed for its pro-trans stance, and there are still fundamentalists such as John Mason in the SNP. But it’s abundantly clear that the obsessive transphobes making a lot of noise on Twitter and claiming to represent the views of Scots women are deluded: anti-trans groups urged Scots to vote with their feet and they did, by getting as far away from the bigots as they possibly could.

It’d be nice if our media started to reflect that fact.