Don’t give up

It’s been a terrible week for trans people.

In England, the High Court effectively banned puberty blockers in England and Wales. The court essentially judged that the life of one cisgender teen was more important than those of all trans teens: in order to ensure that no cisgender teenager delays puberty and then decides it was a mistake, all trans teens should be forced through the wrong puberty unless they can persuade the courts otherwise. That applies even if their GP and their parents are supportive.

We’ve seen this before in places like Australia, where it has since been repealed on the grounds that it’s backwards and cruel. But the message from the High Court this week told us that as far as the establishment is concerned, trans lives don’t matter.

Here in Scotland we were told a similar message. The SNP’s newly elected equalities convener is a proud supporter of anti-trans lobby groups and dismissed her critics as “a small minority”. Representing small minorities is, of course, the equality convener’s job.

And in Ireland, feminists are battling a wave of anti-trans bullshit being exported from England and being picked up by right-wing pundits, out-of-touch authors and the usual culture war suspects.

In the background, the constant drumbeat of anti-trans articles in the press and anti-trans trolls on the internet continues.

It’s hard, I know. But despite everything, the reality is that all of this will pass. The reason we’re under attack is partly because we’re more visible; the reason we’re more visible is that we have information, representation and support that previous generations were denied. Trans people have always been here, and will always be here. And in years to come, everyone will look back on this era with the same horror we have for the era of Section 28 and AIDS denial.