Nine questions you might have about trans stuff

Katelyn Burns has written an excellent piece for Vox: 9 questions about trans issues you were too embarrassed to ask.

The questions are:

  1. What does it mean to be trans?
  2. Why should I care about trans issues?
  3. What about the pronouns thing?
  4. What issues are trans people fighting for?
  5. Why are we always talking about trans issues?
  6. What’s the deal with bathrooms?
  7. What’s with the panic over trans women with penises and trans men who menstruate?
  8. What about trans women playing women’s sports?
  9. What about trans kids?

I think the question “why are we always talking about trans issues” is particularly apt today because it’s Sunday, when the right-wing press likes to run its anti-trans hit pieces and scaremonger about trans kids, trans women and trans athletes.

“The right has worked to make it an electoral issue…  We see this across the board — they try to posture trans rights as extreme and a danger particularly to children,” Brennan Suen, LGBTQ program director at Media Matters, told Vox. This is why, he said, conservatives have focused so much on legislation regarding transition care for trans minors, bathrooms, and trans athletes in sports. “They are able to reach those voters who might not know a trans person and give them misinformation and bigoted information that honestly scares them.”

…as trans people have really been more visible in the media … we’ve seen the right really ramp up their attacks.”