“If you’re not angry you have not been tuning in”

(Today is fee-free Friday on Bandcamp. If you buy our new EP there, or if you buy anyone else’s music, 100% of the sale price goes to the artist today. If you’re short of cash, all our music is pay-as-you-want – so you can have all of it for free. We want your ears, not your cash!)

Here’s today’s track from the new EP. It’s the title track, Messengers.

HAVR · Messengers

Messengers is about grievance artists and bullshit merchants: when we play it live it features some samples of right-wing clown Alex Jones claiming the Pentagon has been testing gay bombs. Grievance artists are the people who spread bullshit and fear in order to sell something: actual products in the case of grifters such as Jones; personal brands in the case of the more genteel grifters who pollute the pages of the newspapers; political ideologies in the case of the most dangerous ones.