“Capitalism needs women to work for free”

There’s an interesting interview in PinkNews with Alison Phipps, author of Me Not You: The Trouble With Mainstream Feminism. The book is very critical of the often very privileged white women whose feminism excludes women of colour, poor women, incarcerated women, sex workers, trans women and disabled women.

This bit is short and to the point:

“Although not everybody identifies with the [gender] binary, it basically sorts people into one of two categories.,” Alison says.

“One category is about productive, useful, honourable, well-rewarded labour… and the other category is about all the shit stuff.”

Phipps has been vilified by many of the people she criticises because of her unequivocal support of trans rights. She argues that the politicians who go after trans women’s rights inevitably go after all women next.

You can see it in these right-wing movements worldwide. So, for example, Orbán in Hungary – he cracked down on trans rights first, and now he’s cracking down on laws against domestic violence. It’s all part of the same package. Preserving the gender binary. Preserving the nuclear family.

Phipps’ book is really interesting and definitely worth checking out.