“We have fought tooth and nail for the rights we have, only to be met with resistance, sabotage and abuse”

A thoughtful piece on feminism and trans women by Scots author Elaine Gunn:

I get it – honestly, I understand how protective women feel of their safe spaces. In a world that feels unsafe a lot of the time, where our rights are hard-won and grudged at every step, it’s reasonable to feel nervous and insecure around changes to our habitual experiences of gender. What we must not do, however, is allow that nervousness and insecurity to be redirected by media manipulation towards a group that faces even more hatred and violence for claiming their rights than we do. It’s tempting to cling to the concept of women being right at the bottom of the privilege pile, but it only takes a moment of empathy to understand that while women have good reason to fear men, trans people have good reason to fear both men and women right now.

On a related note, journalist Vonny LeClerc has recorded an equally thoughtful piece on her journey into “gender-critical” feminism and the realisations that led her to leave it behind.