“If there were going to be mass gender fraud, we’d have seen it by now”

Cyclist, academic and trans woman Rachel McKinnon writes for the New York Times:

People are angry because I’m a transgender woman, and I race in the women’s category.

Soon after my win, Donald Trump Jr. threw a Twitter tantrum about me. I’ve seen a huge uptick in the volume of hate mail I’ve received in the weeks since. I have four people who monitor my Instagram to delete hateful messages; they’ve been overwhelmed by the volume. Twitter is far worse. I’ve received death threats, but I try not to dwell on them.

The article includes a key detail about McKinnon’s sporting performance that the anti-trans lot tend to omit.

I lose most of my races.

I doubt this will convince any of the haters, because they’re not interested in facts. And until they realised they could use the topic as yet another way to demonise trans women, they weren’t interested in women’s sports either.

Trans women are women. We are female. And we are not taking over. No openly trans woman has set an open elite world record in any sport (remember: mine is in masters racing). No openly trans woman has won an elite world championship in any sport, let alone a medal.

There haven’t been any reported cases of gender fraud, where a male athlete is given a female passport or birth certificate by an unscrupulous nation, for the purposes of slipping a “man” into a women’s Olympic event. If there were going to be mass gender fraud, we’d have seen it by now.