Bigots of a feather flock together

I wrote the other day that many bigots are stupid. So it was just a matter of time before they combined multiple flavours of stupid, as they do here.

Is a new trend that isn’t a new trend caused by something that doesn’t exist? Hoo boy, we’re gonna have to get our thinkin’ caps on for this one!

To be fair, banging on about the incredible power of things that don’t exist is kinda the raison d’être of religious loons. But even by their standards this one’s incredibly dumb. It combines three kinds of idiocy: anti-vax scaremongering, anti-trans scaremongering and deliberately misunderstanding or misrepresenting research.

The study on which this ludicrous story is very loosely based found that among a very small data set (177 people), there was a higher incidence of autism among the trans and non/binary participants than among the cisgender ones.

What the study categorically doesn’t say is that what the article argues: vaccines cause autism which causes “transgenderism”.

From the article (no link because nutcases):

Of course, this study neglects to mention that autism is caused by vaccine damage

Because it isn’t.

Get rid of these dangerous and ineffective vaccines, and you will greatly reduce gender confusion in children

Well yes, but not in the way being suggested here. If more children die of preventable diseases, then of course they won’t want to transition after their entirely avoidable deaths.

even if vaccines were shown to cause transgenderism

Which they won’t be, because science.

the LGBT community would come out firmly behind increased vaccination rates for children, as it would be yet another way to increase their numbers.

Remember I said bigotry is intersectional, that people who are bigoted against trans people are usually bigoted against other groups too? Let’s look at the good Christians in the article comments.

That guestion is a diversion, a deceit. The cause is j€wish ‘fueled’ preschool ‘education’

A bigot being anti-semitic? This is my shocked face. There’s more.

Obviously, a major factor in promoting transgenderism is jewish propaganda

Much more.

Big Pharma is run by jews


Jews sell the vaccines and run the transgender propaganda machine.

And more.

the jews are the masters at divising methods to make people more susceptible to their powers of suggestion…and it usually involves something detrimental to our health, so then they can make money from the misery they cause us.

Big Pharma. Secret Jewish funding. A conspiracy to get people hooked on HRT. These hate-filled theories may seem extreme, but you’ll find UK anti-trans activists expressing exactly the same antisemitic conspiracy theories and many high-profile figures supporting them; if they’re not pushing anti-semitism you’ll often find racism and/or homophobia instead. Just look at the various political candidates currently getting booted as their history of antisemitism surfaces: many of them were already publicly bigoted against us, but because they were going after trans people there weren’t any consequences. The same applies to the vocal transphobes here in Scotland who are now turning their attention to the wider LGBT+ community. They were never going to stop with just the trans people.

Again and again, transphobia is the canary in the coalmine: if someone hates us, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll hate other minorities too. It’s just that with us, they don’t feel they have to hide it.