A song about friends and allies

This is Loving Me Is A Political Act, from our Bring The Good Times Back EP.

I write a lot of autobiographical stuff but it tends to be quite oblique. This is unusually direct for me, and it’s about my experience of being out in the world. To be visibly different is to attract attention, and that attention is also directed to the people who hang out with me whether it’s the guys in the band or my friends.

I’m no fool, I know you see
the looks you get when you are with me

The title is a simple statement of fact: in a world that often fears and hates trans people, to be an ally is to make a political statement. Simply by walking with me, my friends are being forced to take a side. The friends who support trans women online are accused of hating their sisters; the friends who hang out with me in the real world are judged in other ways.

I don’t have a choice about being trans, but my friends choose to be with me and I love them deeply.

Your heart is bigger than the sky
Your love gives me life