True colours

It’s no great secret that anti-trans bigots tend to be bigoted in other ways too; they just hide it. The ongoing hate-fest over the NSPCC working with and then dropping trans woman Munroe Bergdorf is a vivid demonstration.

The NSPCC has apologised for dropping Bergdorf, but its employees aren’t happy: 148 of its employees have written to the executives saying its actions are sending a terrible message to its LGBT+ staff and the children who need the charity’s help.

The anti-trans bigots, led by washed-up comedy writer Graham Linehan, are furious about this. So they have been trying to find details of those employees through social media to find out if there’s anything that can be used against them. Yesterday, they discovered that one of the employees is gay.

They are now demanding the NSPCC sack him.

This is “reasonable concerns”: telling a children’s charity to sack gay employees – because you believe gay people are a danger to children. A danger so dangerous the fact that the employee has an office job is no protection against the gay danger.

This isn’t a surprise. Again and again the anti-trans lot let the mask slip and reveal that bigotry isn’t about hating just one group of people. There’s a ton of homophobia, as well as racism and anti-semitism. The focus on trans people is just because that’s the bigotry you can still get away with in public.

Owen Jones, in The Guardian:

a tawdry, sinister campaign is directed against trans people in the UK. Much of the media demonises them, playing the same tunes that were sung about gay people in the 1980s: sexual predators, deviants, grooming and brainwashing children. It not only erases the hatred directed at trans people, it legitimises and fuels it.

…Anti-trans activists claim they want trans people to have happy lives, but as their recent successful campaign to force the NSPCC to drop the trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf as its first LGBTQ campaigner underlines, they want to drive trans people out of public life.

…And don’t believe you can demarcate transphobia from rising homophobia. The anti-trans activists who hounded Bergdorf are now demanding the sacking of a senior, gay NSPCC employee because they found pictures of him in fetish gear online, suggesting therefore he is not safe around children. This is the crude, unapologetic homophobia of 1980s Britain. The scaremongering over trans people has even led cis-gender lesbians – such as Stonewall chief executive Ruth Hunt – to be challenged over using women’s toilets. A minority of self-described feminists – who seem to talk of nothing other than the great trans menace – have no scruples about working with the anti-gay lobby.

As someone put it on Twitter yesterday, when the hateful anti-LGBT+ bigots are brown we damn them and get injunctions against them. When they’re white and middle-class…

Update: they’re now going after another gay man: Ben Hunte, the BBC’s first LGBT correspondent.