“I can assure you that no one transitions from male to female to get a better deal.”

Writing for the NYT, Jennifer Finney Boylan compares anti-trans rhetoric to anti-immigration rhetoric.

When members of the present administration claim that people like me should be “erased,” are they not saying, in so many words, “Build that wall?” Are they not echoing the cries of every xenophobic bigot throughout history in furiously demanding that I Go Back Where I Came From?

I’m not going back. I’m staying here, in the land I struggled so hard to reach. It is here, as a woman, that I’ve built a home. Is where I began my days really so much more important than where I wound up?

…What the world needs now is not more walls — to keep out the strange, the different, the new. What the world needs now is not hatred — of men, of women, of anyone in between.

What the world needs now is bridges: across rivers, across genders, across every last border that divides us, one soul from another.

Trust me: it’s never a good idea read the comments on these pieces.