There’s no joy in saying “we told you so”

We told you so, #1.

When religious groups protested about inclusive education in a Birmingham primary school, LGBT people said it was the thin end of the wedge. Protests have now expanded to more Birmingham schools who have abandoned their #NoOutsiders “respect everyone” lessons, and complaints have now been made to schools in Manchester too. US money is incoming and these protests will become more widespread.

The protests aren’t about sex education – education watchdog Ofsted has investigated and rejected the allegations that the lessons aren’t age-appropriate. They’re about understanding that people are different, whether by age, religion, sexual orientation or gender. They’re about letting kids know that some kids have two mums, two dads, or dads that look like mums or mums that look like dads. The irony is incredible: unlike the fictional beings that apparently want their followers to hate LGBT people, LGBT people actually exist.

This is really frightening. It’s Section 28 all over again: an attempt to pretend that LGBT people don’t exist on the grounds of protecting children. Every LGBT adult was an LGBT child, but sadly intolerance and bigotry means that not every LGBT child gets to become an adult. This “debate” has terrible consequences for LGBT people.

We told you so, #2.

The bullshit paper on the invented syndrome of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria has been fully investigated. Guess what? Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is invented, and the paper was bullshit; it’s been corrected to reflect the truth, which is that it’s a study of attitudes among parents who don’t accept their trans children. The apology to the trans and gender non-conforming community is too little, too late: the bullshit has spread and has been used in endless newspaper articles demonising trans people.

We told you so, #3.

LGBT Nation reports that “Hate groups have come unhinged over the Equality Act”, highlighting the deranged scaremongering of the extreme evangelical right. The EA is a US bill to improve legal protection against discrimination for LGBT people. What’s striking is the way the language and arguments used by the aforementioned anti-LGBT hate groups are identical to the language and arguments used by British newspaper columnists, many of whom take their cues from activists funded by – surprise! – the lunatic fringe of the extreme evangelical right.

Top tip: if you’re doing the same scaremongering as the lunatic fringe of the US religious right, you might not be on the side of the angels.