“Our side concocted the ‘bathroom safety’ argument”

There’s an interesting opinion piece by an unnamed member of MassResistance, part of the anti-LGBT movement that suffered a landslide defeat in its attempts to repeal trans rights in Massachusetts. It includes a telling admission of something that’s widely known but rarely written down.

The rallying cry of the pro-family groups trying to repeal the law was the well-known “bathroom safety” argument – that in addition to transgenders, this law allows male sexual predators to lurk in women’s restrooms to prey on girls and women. This was technically true, but was largely contrived.

“Largely contrived” is an understatement. The only dangerous people in bathrooms in the US appear to be right-wing politicians and anti-trans activists.

MassResistance tried to get the campaign to adopt other discredited anti-trans arguments, but ‘Massachusetts “conservative” news outlets were skittish about deviating from the relatively comfortable “bathroom safety” argument.’

The group would have preferred to use three different arguments, which are somewhat familiar.

(1) the LGBT movement’s “civil rights” argument has no basis whatsoever; (2) that “transgenderism” is actually a mental disorder and a destructive ideology, and (3) this law forces people to accept an absurd lie – men can never become women.

All three are wrong. Trans people deserve the same civil rights as anybody else, and that includes the right to use public facilities and to live free from discrimination. Thanks to a little thing we like to call “evidence”, the medical and psychiatric establishment says that being trans isn’t a mental illness; it’s just part of the variety of human brains and bodies. And people born in male bodies clearly can and do become women if there’s a mismatch between their outward characteristics and their identity.

It’s an interesting look at what lives under a rock. The unnamed poster feels that the campaign against equal marriage wasn’t nearly nasty enough:

…they refused to argue that homosexuality was immoral, had terrible health risks, was fraught with addiction and mental health problems, etc.

Instead, they concocted less offensive arguments such as, “Every child needs a father and a mother” and “the word ‘marriage’ is special” – and used them almost exclusively.

And the poster fears history repeating.

Our side concocted the “bathroom safety” male predator argument as a way to avoid an uncomfortable battle over LGBT ideology, and still fire up people’s emotions. It worked in Houston a few years ago.

But the LGBT lobby has now figured out how to beat it.

Love wins.