DMGM: All Messed Up

I wrote about posting personal songs yesterday, but I want to start with one that isn’t. This one’s called All Messed Up.

I can’t remember who did what – David and I move between programming, keys, loops whenever we feel like it – but I love the way this sounds.

There’s a thing I love in music that I call the Godzilla Stomp, the feeling that a song could soundtrack you laying waste to a large urban area while making monster noises. This song has that.

Although it also has an unrecorded backing vocal melody I hear in my head every time I listen to it. That’s one of the reasons things take so long for David and I; there’s always One More Thing that we want to do. Sometimes you need to haul yourself away from a song and accept that you can’t work on it for eternity.

Lyrically it’s about heroes turning out to be zeroes: politicians mainly, but anybody charismatic who has people believing in them only to leave a trail of false promises.