Stadium crock

I went to see AC/DC this weekend in Hampden Park, Glasgow – seeing them is on my bucket list and I doubt they’ll be touring for much longer, so I overcame my hatred of Hampden (whose motto should be “Where sound goes to die”) on the grounds that it can’t be that hard to amplify two guitars, a bass and a drum kit.

It is in Hampden, it seems. Hampden is the wrong shape for gigs, I’m told, too low and too prone to the wind whooshing the sound away. So AC/DC joins my list of bands I’ve seen but not heard at Hampden, a list that includes Eminem (couldn’t hear the raps), Bruce Springsteen (couldn’t hear The Boss) and U2 (couldn’t hear The Edge).

It’s not the sound engineers’ fault, I know, but when you’ve got 50,000 people paying really big money for a gig and the only ones hearing it properly are the hardcore fans at the very front, you’re really taking money under false pretences. If you’re not the push-to-the-front type, it’s one of the worst places to hear music I’ve ever visited. And I’ve been to gigs at the SECC.

2 thoughts on “Stadium crock”

  1. It’s OK – even it is was decent sound you wouldn’t have heard it over people talking about their day anyway. That would have annoyed you more.

    I don’t get how Hampden is so bad, especially with wind. I’ve been to many gigs in stadia, outdoor areas and fields (such as t in the park) and if you’re within a couple of people or so of the stage then it’s been not too bad. The big arenas main issue has always been slapback for me. (not been in hampden thus far)

    1. I don’t know if it’s maybe something to do with the repeater towers, whether they make things worse in certain bits. Slapback’s really bad in Murrayfield, but the sound problems in Hampden are different to that – and it’s odd that the sound in TiTP is better given it was in a more exposed place. I don’t know enough about sound to work out what’s wrong.

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