All the small things: a little writing app that makes a big difference

In the old days, writing for magazines was easy: you’d write a piece, send it as a Word doc or a text file, and that was it. Now, though, everything’s online and in a CMS. Creating content for that is often a pain in the backside, especially if you use apps designed for print rather than pixels.

Hurrah, then, for Ulysses. It’s a genuinely great app that’s already saving me stacks of time – not just in terms of creating copy I don’t then need to tweak, but in terms of the massive time savings that come from the way it does things. At £31.99 it’ll pay for itself in no time.

Here’s the obligatory video.

If you need to write words of any kind, it’s a great app. There’s a free demo too.





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  1. how does it compare with scrivener, old bean?

  2. Gary

    It’s a lot cleaner and simpler. I think Scrivener has the edge for exporting in various formats, but if you want to just bash out words then it’s very, very, very fast. David Hewson’s written a whole book on writing books in it – he’s jumped ship from Scrivener.

    Here’s his blog post about it: