Free music (that you can pay for) #8: And When The Clouds

The clouds here are metaphorical, of course. The lyric’s about the constant internal critic that we all have, and which really ought to shut the fuck up.

I read an interview a long time ago that suggested songs just float through the air and you have to catch them “before some bastard like Mick Hucknall gets ’em”. I think this is one of those songs, not so much written as captured and recorded before it could escape.

Listening back to it, the vocal melody’s very reminiscent of something Brendan Murphy from The 4 Of Us might do. That’s accidental – I love the band but haven’t ever tried to emulate them – but the Cocteau Twins guitar sound in the final half is absolutely deliberate. The song I’m nodding to there is Pitch The Baby from Heaven or Las Vegas.

David reckons the drums are Ultravox’s Vienna played at half speed. David is wrong. I don’t like Ultravox.