Free music (that you can pay for) #4: Fall From Grace

This is Fall From Grace, a song we did when we were in the band Kasino, although back then it was a U2-esque bit of stadium rock. Now it’s been retooled with some deliberate nods to some of my guilty pleasures: the bass nods to Happy Mondays’ Wrote For Luck, and the heavily compressed electric guitars wouldn’t sound out of place on an INXS record. There’s some deliberate autotune abuse going on too: it adds a nice ethereal quality to the backing vocals that I think fits really well with the words, and it’s a good contrast to the 8-bit video game crunch David’s got going on in the verses.

I think this song also contains the only guitar solo on the album: I’ve deliberately re-used the original’s two-notes-and-distortion solo because it makes me laugh. The track name in Logic says it all: Stupid Guitar Solo.