Free music (that you can pay for) #2: Halfway House

This was the first song we actually finished, and we treated it rather like an expensive ornament made from the finest china, terrified to go near it in case we broke it and couldn’t fix it again. Finishing songs is often a bit like Father Ted trying to get a little dent out of a car, a process that ends up destroying every bit of metal on the vehicle. Luckily Halfway House managed to avoid that particular fate.

This one is quite an old song: I wrote it as a simple acoustic track years ago, and David had a go at it because he fancied messing around with the e-bow. Where Grip Is Slipping contained a wee homage to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, this one’s saying hello to The Specials: David’s e-bow really reminded me of the spooky sounds in Ghost Town, so there was no way I’d be able to resist sticking a brass section in there.

Finishing this song was a real Eureka moment for me: I’d actually made something that sounded exactly as it did in my head.