Free music (that you can pay for) #13: Youth Is Wasted On The Young

I wrote this one at the same time as Don’t Let Me Lose Tonight, fully expecting to finish it in 2007. I missed that deadline a little bit, but the version you can hear now isn’t dramatically different from the version I had then: the mix is better, but I found that I couldn’t better the original performances. The vocal has a nice time capsule feel to it, I think: recording a new vocal just feels wrong. The only real difference between the new version and the old one is that the old one had a very long and boring bit of sub-U2 bollocks at the end. Sniiiiiiiip!

I’ve just realised that I haven’t mentioned the cover. That’s David’s work, and I really love it: I like the juxtaposition of the heart with the alleyway, the idea of something beautiful in the most ordinary of places.

So that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts and the songs. They’ve been fun to do. I’ll post again when the music finally appears on the various streaming services and in the online music stores.