Free music (that you can pay for) #12: You Don’t Have To Be Alone

This is the second of the two Kasino songs we’ve rebooted. The original dates back to 2000, 2001, and it sounded awfully like Snow Patrol’s Run; Snow Patrol hadn’t actually written Run back then, and their singer saw us play this one live several times before they did. Ho hum. That’s not just me being bitchy and bitter, though: while we love the song we knew that if we redid it, people would go “oh man you’re just totally copying Run by Snow Patrol”, and if that happened we’d end up killing somebody.

The reboot happened when David started messing around with it. “Kraftwerk!” I yelled, donning a red jumper and writing lyrics about motorways and the Tour De France.

That last bit isn’t strictly true, but I did get excited about the Kraftwerk bit: I hear Computer Love every Monday when I do my BBC gadget stuff, and it never gets old: it’s just a wonderful piece of music, so when David played our riff in a Kraftwerk style I was sold. I’m really pleased with the result: like Goddamn, You’ve Got To Be Kind it has that electric melancholy I love so much.