Free music (that you can pay for) #11: Five Fingers a Fist

The lyric seems pretty obvious to me but maybe it isn’t all that obvious to anybody else: the two fingers in the lyric mean two shots of alcohol. It’s about someone getting drunk quickly and looking for a fight, something you’ll see in pubs every weekend.

Musically this one’s had a bit of a journey. I demoed it on a 4-track – a 4-track! – and that means it dates to my late teens or early twenties. It was called Malicious Lies back then, and the verse was a fairly pedestrian U2 stomp with chiming harmonics, a der-der bassline and a Larry Mullen beat. All that remains of that is the chorus bassline and riff, which David describes as the Ice Cream Van from Hell and which is deliberately too loud. The obvious autotune on the chorus vocal is deliberate too: there’s a fantastic effect on the “you know” bit that I just love.