Free music (that you can pay for) #10: Good Times, High Times and Hard Times

In the last song I was trying to be Michael Stipe. In this one, I’m Rihanna.

I’ll pause a moment to let you get over the horror of that mental image.

David wrote this one, his riff really reminding me of the Rihanna/Calvin Harris collaboration We Found Love. It doesn’t sound anything like it, but hey. That’s how my brain works. Resisting the temptation to chuck in some canned applause and rave horns, I grabbed the bass guitar instead. The result has nods to The Cure (the bass sound in the closing section), Arab Strap (the spoken vocals in the chorus) and Adam Clayton (the bass sound in the main song), and I managed to get some cowbell in there too because everybody likes cowbells.

I’m joking about rave horns but they would have fitted with the lyric: it’s about someone who’s done all the hedonistic things, had all the drugs, and is putting it all behind them.