Ooh! I’m being pirated!

JasonW informs me that Coffin Dodgers is actually being pirated (as opposed to being listed on sites that don’t actually have it). It’s here if you’re interested, although the download links try to get you to sign up for things you don’t need and install things you don’t want.

The book is also available legally on Amazon, of course. Only 99p!





0 responses to “Ooh! I’m being pirated!”

  1. hunnymonster

    So you’ve hit the big time! Not a bad move to engage them over there too… I see you’re now one of their supported authors, so if there’s any honour amongst freeloaders it might even translate into more exposure and future sales…

    Good job the sequel isn’t published yet :)

  2. Gary

    As I said over there, I don’t particularly mind as I’ve given away enough freebies myself. Hopefully I’ll get some more readers out of it and that at least some of them will enjoy the book.

    Published yet? I’d be happy if it were even half written :)

  3. hunnymonster

    I shall look forward to you being on the Review Show one Friday evening then…