“She consulted some kind of magical bullshit machine”

Me on Techradar, writing about real world retailers’ troubles.

In recent months we’ve seen lots of big names go belly up, citing too-high rates, rents and parking charges, as well as Amazon’s tax avoidance and dodgy downloads. There’s no doubt that it’s tough out there, and of course every retail job loss is a tragedy for the people put out of work.

But it’d help if some businesses’ strategy for combating the internet threat wasn’t “deliver the most miserable shopping experience imaginable”.






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  1. andi

    Last year before comet went under, after much hunting around i found the perfect dab radio for the bathroom, bought it click and collect, all went well. Got it home and the dab was unusable, so took it back the next day and got a full refund. The point is when i was at the counter getting a refund (which took 3 people to do) nobody asked if it’d like to check out the radios they had in store, possible sale lost. In the end got an asda one for half the price.