The web we lost

A great post on tech changes by Anil Dash:

The tech industry and its press have treated the rise of billion-scale social networks and ubiquitous smartphone apps as an unadulterated win for regular people, a triumph of usability and empowerment. They seldom talk about what we’ve lost along the way in this transition, and I find that younger folks may not even know how the web used to be.

So here’s a few glimpses of a web that’s mostly faded away…

One reply on “The web we lost”

Ah the far off days of NCSA Mosaic 0.7 (the first version I used in about 1994…) back then there was no need for a search engine – you could list all 30 or so “web sites” :) The rest were all Gopher (or plain ol’ FTP)

Can you believe shopping via telnet? That was me in early 1991 (leading to a phone call from the CD emporium – who are still going – in question asking me if I was really in the UK because they were in the US).

Lots of things about the internet have got better (more sites for one) – but conversely there’s a lot that is a lot worse…

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