Apple maps can get lost

Easy joke, I know. Me on Techradar: Google Maps is back on iOS, and it’s great.

There’s a famous bit in the classic film Crocodile Dundee when a mugger pulls a knife on him. “That’s not a knife,” he chuckles, and pulls out an enormous Bowie knife. “THAT’s a knife.”

Today Google is Crocodile Dundee…






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  1. Gary

    I’ve also written a vs piece comparing Google to Apple on the iPhone. Executive summary: Google’s app is the best.

  2. It seems to me that Apple wanted a better map product from Google, and wasn’t getting it. So they created their own, and now, hey presto, Google magically increases the quality of their map product. Looks to me like Google got played.

  3. Gary

    I think this one is cock-up rather than conspiracy. Look! Another column! :)

  4. To nobody’s surprise, I installed Nokia’s Here. It’s good. I wonder how much market share they managed to grab before Google got back in the game.

  5. Gary

    I bet they’re fizzing. It’s a good service.

  6. I’m not saying Apple planned it this way, but if Apple didn’t get what they wanted, neither did Google. Apple called their bluff. Anyway, the “universal” acclaim greeting the Google Map update is only true if your universe is the web tech world. My wife hadn’t heard of it. In fact Google Maps never went away for her, she’s yet to update to iOS 6.

  7. Yeah, but I’m not convinced they did enough advertising.

  8. Gary

    I don’t really watch TV so I haven’t seen any. A bit of advertising for Nokia maps in the papers during the olympics, and some big lumia stuff recently, but nothing for Here.