With tablets, small is beautiful

I wrote a wee thing about tablets for Techradar, in which I suggest that for most people, buying a full-sized tablet is an unnecessary expense.

You may be thinking that I’m having a Damascene conversion: when Apple didn’t make seven-inch tablets I said small tablets were rubbish, and now Apple does make a seven-ish-inch tablet I’m saying that small tablets are ace. But I’ve changed my mind because tablets have changed.
…The biggest obstacle to seven-inch tablet adoption was that seven-inch tablets were terrible. Now that they aren’t, for most people they’re the best choice. They’re more portable than their bigger brothers. They’re lighter to hold, easier to fit into a large pocket or handbag, easier for kids to handle – and they’re much, much cheaper too.

I do hope I’m right, because if I’m wrong I’ve promised to buy and eat an iPad mini.