Steve-E and other movies

I love it when a daft idea turns into something good: with two Steve Jobs biopics in production, I wondered what sort of films other directors would make about the late Mr Jobs. After some spirited discussions we came up with a shortlist – Michael Bay, David Fincher, John Lasseter, the Coen Brothers and Norah Ephron – and I got to have some fun with the pitches. The result is Steve Jobs: The Movie, in the new issue of MacFormat. I love the illustrations, although it’s a shame my ending for Steve-E has been tweaked a bit: inevitably, that was the bit of the article I liked the best.

That’s today’s top writing tip: don’t get too precious about your work, because the bits you like best are always cut first.







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  1. hunnymonster

    George Lucas is surely the obvious choice to make it, release it to cinema, then twat about with it a bit and re-release it, twat about a bit more and re-re-release it… then add in some whizzy bits that didn’t make it to the first 3 iterations.

    ie. Selling the same product over and over again to the salivating fanbois. It worked for Star Wars… it can work for “iJobs the movie”

    Or perhaps Peter Jackson could make a 10 hour epic… based around “One appstore to rule them, one appstore to find them and in the darkness bind them [to a near inescapable ecosystem]” (30% of all seat prices to Apple naturally)