More on crapware

Me, on Techradar, writing about OEM software:

Imagine. You’ve saved up for years, and at last you can afford the car of your dreams.

You’ve done your homework, chosen the best specs, picked the best colour combinations and haggled for the best deal.

It’s tasteful. Subtle. Classy. And when you turn up to collect it there are plastic eyelashes on the headlights, green fur covers on the seat and LOOK AT ME I AMS FAST down the side in luminous green letters.







0 responses to “More on crapware”

  1. But all too often, I’m reminded of the elderly lady who attempted to restore a painting of Jesus

    You can’t have been reminded of it that often; it only happened the other day.

  2. Gary

    My days are just packed.

  3. Hunnymonster

    Any particular font you want that text in. I have the appropriate signwriting adhesive vinyl to hand and access to a cutting machine to make the lettering :)

  4. Gary

    Has to be comic sans, innit :)

  5. Hunnymonster

    I should say I was thinking “Comic Sans” in bold…