Ooh ooh pointy thing

Me, at Techradar, on why IMAX is better than 3D.

When you consider all the cons of 3D – the price, the stupid specs, the hurty-eyes bit when you look at the background and it’s all blurry – against the single pro, which is that at some point you’ll be able to go “OOH OOH POINTY THING POINTING AT ME OUT OF THE SCREEN”, because nobody’s ever seen that in a cinema before… it’s proof that Hollywood thinks you’re an idiot.

I can make my point in just three words.

Top Cat 3D.






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  1. hunnymonster

    3D was shit in the 1950s – they abandoned it
    3D was shit in the 1970s – they abandoned it
    3D was shit in the 1990s – they abandoned it

    Wonder why they thought it would be any different 20 years on again?

  2. That’s four words.