“New and similar to Coffin Dodgers”

According to an email, if you liked CD you’ll like Chris Brookmyre’s When The Devil Drives and Where The Bodies Are Buried, Iain Banks’ Stonemouth, and Bateman’s Turbulent Priests.

Thanks to Jamie Thompson for sending it to me: he’s right, the recommendations are unlikely to be reciprocated…

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Is there a correlation between how a book cover looks and it’s contents then?

I live by the maxim “you shouldn’t prejudice the quality of a book by critical analysis of the cover art alone”.

That’s always struck me as an odd one. Never judge a book by its cover? But it’s not like the cover got picked at random or just happened: it was carefully chosen for the express purpose of implying good things about the book, by people who know what’s in the book. Seems like a very good thing to judge the book by to me. Proverbs are weird.

For a long time in the history of books, they didn’t have pictures on the front cover, so they all looked more or less the same… Ultimately though it’s advertising and advertising is mainly trying to sell you an illusion (either that you can’t function without it or that it will change your life or that their brand of broadband is unlimited).

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