Graham has invited you to play Cats In Spats! Angela has invited you to play Sheep That Beep!

Me on Techradar: the most annoying things non-geeks ask you to do.

…while technology is absolutely everywhere, not everyone who’s bought it knows how to use it or what to do when it goes wrong.

That’s where we come in, whether we like it or not: as far as friends, family and co-workers are concerned we’re the go-to guys and girls for every kind of computer calamity from wonky Wi-Fi to troublesome torrents.

We’re happy to help, of course, but sometimes we can’t help thinking that people are taking the mickey.






0 responses to “Graham has invited you to play Cats In Spats! Angela has invited you to play Sheep That Beep!”

  1. Oh Dear God, yes, I hear you. I’m the go-to guy for everything that fails my family and friends. Or, rather, the technology that they’ve failed at. The day my dad decided to drop Adventurous Victorian and embrace the 21st century was a dark, dark day.

    I’m eternally glad that all my family is at least 25 miles away!

  2. Gary

    To be fair, I’m sure my relatives and friends are just as pissed off with my asking for help with real-world, practical things, as I’m completely useless with those :)

  3. Same here, tbh – cooking real, edible food in a non-virtual kitchen is like watching a chef spread his arms with a flourish and saying “YES! It’s MAGIC!”. My mother despairs of me.

  4. Gary

    Heh. Get thee to Paprika (recipe app) and download recipes from the internet. That’s what I do :)

  5. It’s the actual preparation and timing of the ingredients that stumps me – why can I gaze at a .php file and nod sagely, whilst answering 3 emails and make a brew (all at the same time) yet become the greatest fire hazard known to man in the kitchen when the pots start igniting?

  6. Gary

    Lack of practice :)

  7. Amen to that – wouldn’t have a woman in the house for any other reason :)

  8. I do application support on Unix servers for a living. People seem to have a lot of difficulty understanding that this means I know no more about Windows Vista than they do.

  9. “We’ve got a new satnav and have downloaded the maps of Europe to our PC, but can’t transfer them from the PC to the satnav. Why on Earth not?”

    “Because your satnav has a 16-meg card in it and the maps are about 40 meg.”

    “Oh. Is that why the salesman tried to sell us the one with the larger memory card included?”


  10. Gary

    Haha :)