Swallowed by Amazon: Waterstones’ Kindle plans

I’m very proud of that headline, you know.

Anyway! Waterstones! Kindles! Me! Techradar!

Imagine there’s a serial killer at the door. He’s already killed and eaten the rest of the street, and now he fancies getting his gums on your bum. Do you (a) grab as many sharp things as you can to fight him off, or (b) invite him in but make him promise he’ll only eat one toe?
If you’re Waterstones, the answer appears to be (b).






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  1. hunnymonster

    Am I remembering wrong or didn’t Waterstone’s online book (dead tree) store not direct to effectively an Amazon affiliate site back in the dim & distant past… http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=176060&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=502781&highlight= no I’m not… didn’t work out for Waterstones then either as people presumably thought “why am I going via Waterstones and buying from Amazon?”

  2. ‘Tis a good headline. Its quality is nicely balanced out by “gums on your bum”.

  3. Gary


  4. Gary

    Yes, you’re right: for quite a long time Waterstone’s website was a disaster. I remember covering the post-Amazon relaunch, which was a really big deal.