Coffin Dodgers is free today

Oh yes it is. Here are the links: Amazon UK | Amazon US





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  1. Gary

    If you’re interested, the giveaway total was 8,911 books in 24 hours. Nearly 8,000 of those were in the US. The book’s cracked a few US charts for the very first time (technothillers, comic fiction) and went back into the UK humour chart at number 5. It’ll be interesting to see if the effect lasts.

  2. Endo

    Is that significantly more US sales than on your first free day!

  3. Squander Two

    Why the sudden interest from the US, I wonder?

  4. gary

    Yes, it’s about ten times higher, around 8,600 compared to 800ish. UK numbers were about 1/2 of the previous amount – 1,250ish compared to around 2,500.

  5. gary

    I don’t know for sure, but this time out I had a lot of twitter retweets from free-kindle sites, all of which were US-focused. I think a big part of it is sheer chance, though.

  6. Yes! You’ve regained the no. 1 spot in the coveted Technothrillers chart!

  7. Gary

    I wasn’t going to give that one up without a fight.

  8. I think I’ve finally figured that one out: a technothriller is a vibrator.