I write like Douglas Adams

Here’s a fun wee diversion: a writing analyser that takes your text and tells you which famous writer you write like. I got Douglas Adams, although it seems that if you put in any kind of tech journalism whatsoever it tells you you write like Cory Doctorow.

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I tried to fool it by pasting in some Dickens, but it was wise to such shenanigans.

I’m not happy… it said Harry Redknapp :(

No seriously – it actually said George Orwell… I’ll take your Asimov & Adams and raise you :)

The (prototype) front page of my website is in the style of… H.P. Lovecraft.

I thought it was more commas and footnotes than unnameable horror and diabolical Eskimos.

Wow, getting Lovecraft is a real achievement. I’m scared to ask what your site’s about now :)

> getting Lovecraft is a real achievement.

Well, we’re writers for video games so it’s credible, but as we’re called Mostly Harmless I was expecting something… different.

Hang on, perhaps it’s all those ellipses.

Hmmm, just had a wander around the site and I agree, it’s more Adams than Lovecraft :)

Load of shite. Accused me of writing like Dan Brown. Dan Brown!

Actually seems pretty random. I tried another few paragraphs from my book and got HP Lovecraft. A third attempt resulted in Oscar Wilde.

Blurb for your book: “Writes like the deranged lovechild of Oscar Wilde, H P Lovecraft, and Dan Brown.” I would buy that, just out of sheer horrified curiosity.

Hmm, I got Lovecraft too…the text was something I wrote for school^^” (about Adams btw)

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