A wee update on that whole free-ebooks adventure

I’m buried up to my neck in deadlines just now but I thought I’d post a very quick update on my Coffin Dodgers freebie adventure. The sales figures for the last seven days, not including the freebies, are:

UK: 1,547 sales
US: 45 sales
Germany: 5 sales
France: 1 sale

So that’s 1,598 sales in a week. Last month’s total sales were 875.

Incidentally, I’m messing around with print-on-demand at Lulu.com for an article I’m writing. It’s not cheap – at pocket paperback size Coffin Dodgers works out at around 320 pages, which means the cheapest you can sell it at (with zero profit margin) is £6.98 plus shipping, but once you figure out how it all works the results are pretty impressive.