I’m a chart-topper, baby

As of right now, Coffin Dodgers is number one in Amazon UK’s technothrillers chart. That’s quite good, isn’t it?

Sales are currently sitting at 2,323. That’s quite good too.

This is making up for a spectacularly crappy day.





0 responses to “I’m a chart-topper, baby”

  1. mupwangle

    Still no idea what a techno thriller is. Us it like a really good rave?

    Anyhow, why’s today so bad?

  2. Gary

    It’d take far too long to explain. A catalogue of bastardy and cock-ups.

  3. Hunnymonster

    Does this success mean that you’ll be shunning us and putting up your prices? :)

  4. Did you have any targets you’d hoped to meet? And are you meeting them?

    2500 is great. I imagine that now it’s appearing at the top of the (admittedly niche) charts it’ll begin to create its own momentum. Well, you’d like to think so, anyway.

  5. Gary

    I’m a couple of days shy of the 2500 mark, but it’s more than I thought I’d do. I figured that if I sold 1,000 copies I’d be delighted, which I was, and I still am.

    You’re right, there’s definitely momentum once you get into any of the charts. That and the “people also bought” boxes are enormously powerful. I think it’s why the book barely sold on other platforms: it didn’t generate the same momentum. It’s definitely much easier on Kindle.