The REM best-of is superb value for money

The deluxe version of the REM best-of (“Part Lies, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011) on iTunes is superb value for money: 40 songs and a further twelve videos for £11.99.

If you’re interested, the videos are for Radio Free Europe, Talk About The Passion, Fall On Me, The One I Love, Orange Crush, Losing My Religion, Man on the Moon, What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?, All The Way To Reno, Leaving New York, Supernatural Superserious and Uberlin. That last one’s from the most recent album and is a beautiful wee song.

See you at the overpriced reunion tour in ten years…





0 responses to “The REM best-of is superb value for money”

  1. I love the artwork. There’s an animated version kicking about the internets somewhere, too, which is equally fantastic.

  2. Gary

    It’s fun, yeah. I think I prefer the static one. The animated one is just eye hurt :)