Coffin Dodgers: can I call it a bestseller now?

Update: Coffin Dodgers became a proper bestseller in February 2012, topping Amazon UK’s humour chart and breaking into the overall top 40 too.

I’m quite delighted to see that Coffin Dodgers is currently number 20 in Amazon UK’s Books > Fiction > Humour chart, as well as number 33 in Kindle Store > Books > Humour and number 56 in Books > Humour > Fiction. I can’t say being in the top 20 has changed my life, but it’s certainly helping to sell more books: total sales are at 913*, and I’m selling around ten books per day at the moment.

If you’re interested, my highest overall chart placing so far is #608 “out of over 400,000 books in the Kindle Store”, Amazon tells me. That’s quite good, isn’t it?

I mentioned before that sales were overwhelmingly from the UK, and that’s still very much the case: for every 1 ebook I sell in the US, I sell 25 books over here.

Thanks once again to everyone who’s been nice about it, reviewed it or told anyone else about it. I’m very grateful.

I am still working on another book, but it’ll be months before I’ve got anything sensible to say about it.

* It might be higher than that: anything sold through Smashwords, such as iBooks, Sony or Kobo sales, takes ages to be reported.