The next iPhone needn’t be fancy

Me, at Techradar:

It’s Apple’s new iPhone event tomorrow, and we know what that means: most of the internet is publishing “ten things Apple will announce tomorrow” articles, most of them split into eleventy-nine pages to rip off advertisers.






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  1. Nailed it, as it turns out…

  2. Gary

    Wasn’t hard to call :) Problem is that too many sites are too keen on unsubstantiated rumours.

  3. True. I saw one commenter, bemoaning the “letdown”, saying that Apple didn’t seem to understand the “scale of the anticipation they’d created”. That *they* had created? They never said ONE FUCKING WORD about the new iPhone.

  4. aardvarktm

    As I belive I have previously stated, the phrase “the medium of dance” is some sort of base comedy element – it is essentially impossible for anything containing it to be “not funny”.

  5. Don’t make me come over there and kick your fucking head in through the medium of dance.

  6. Gary

    Wow. He’s right.

  7. It was an MMS joke originally, wasn’t it?

  8. mupwangle

    The guy who wrote Spares?

  9. Gary

    Think so, yeah.

  10. David, yes.

    Just rereading The Intruders. Apparently, the BBC are working on an adaptation of it. The guy is known for writing books that just scream “Film!” and which do the BBC decide to adapt? The only thing he’s ever written that’s pretty much impossible to film.