iPad web browsing – any advice?

A while back, I wrote that iCab mobile was one of the best browsers on iOS – and it was. It isn’t any more. I don’t know if it’s iCab or iOS, both of which have been updated since I first started using it, but it’s become borderline unusable: desperately slow, refusing to let me enter text into some sites’ form fields, crashing very frequently and so on. Anyone know why, or know of a decent alternative I can use until iOS 5 turns up? I’ve tried Opera and a few others, but sites such as Facebook think they’re phone browsers and bounce me to the crappy mobile versions of their pages.

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Atomic’s OK, although they all use the same underlying engine anyway (bar Opera, which is more a rendering device than a true web browser).

I’m pretty sure Atomic suffers from the user agent problem for mobile sites, but I’ll go check. Ta.

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