Some interesting ebooks and blogs

I’ve been speaking to some interesting people in ebook-land over the last few weeks, and it’s only fair to give them a mention here. So in no particular order, here goes:

Mark Edwards and Louise Voss are doing extraordinary things – as I write this, Catch Your Death and Killing Cupid are at numbers 1 and 6 in the Kindle charts, which is an incredible achievement. I believe they’re the first indie authors to top Amazon’s charts. Mark’s blog at is well worth your time.

Scots thriller writer Lin Anderson was on the BBC with me the other day, and seemed awfully nice. She’s a traditionally published (and successful!) writer who’s become enthralled by ebooks, and you can find her books online here. Lin blogs about ebooks here.

Last but not least, Dan Holloway has some interesting thoughts on the whole e-publishing thing and he’s all over the net. His latest novel, The Company of Fellows, is on Amazon here. His personal website is giving away free copies of his next book until the 14th of June.