A wee plug for some nice guitar people

I don’t play as much as I used to, or would like to – RSI tends to rear its ugly head fairly quickly – but one of my most treasured possessions is my electric guitar, a 1989 Fender Telecaster. I bought it second-hand a loooooong time ago, and I’ve been meaning to get it sorted out for several years now: the pickup switch was wonky and the guitar itself needed some serious TLC. And of course, the longer I left it the more work it needed.

I finally decided to bite the bullet a few weeks ago and asked around for recommendations, because I don’t even know which guitar shops are still going in Glasgow. I was pointed towards Strung Out Guitars, a wee place across the road from the 13th Note venue. They’re very, very busy – my repair and setup took a fortnight because they had so many guitars to get through – and I can see why: my Telecaster came back looking and playing better than it has since the day I bought it.

They’re a nice bunch of people too, and they clearly love what they do. If you need guitar-y things done, give them a shout.