The iPad 2 is £399

That, boys and girls, is Apple waving its arse at its rivals.

Wi-Fi only: £399 / £479 / £559

Wi-Fi and 3G: £499 / £579 / £659






0 responses to “The iPad 2 is £399”

  1. g24

    Blimey, hadn’t noticed these reduced prices.

    Isn’t this a bit unusual: market domination resulting in a great product, competitively priced? What’s going on?

  2. Gary

    I think the price drop was purely to annoy rivals, but it’s interesting that Apple can afford to do it. They’ve invested heavily – billions of dollars – in production plants for things such as touch screens, and the result of that is that they can get components for considerably less than, and in bigger quantities than, any of their competitors.

    It’s largely Tim Cook’s doing, I think. He’s the Steve Jobs of supply chains, it seems.

  3. The Steve Jobs of supply chains is probably Taiichi Ohno. So nerr.

  4. Gary

    I was thinking more of people who are still alive :)