‘Contribute to my website’ is the new pay to play

The nice people at .net magazine have a spanking new website, and one of my pieces is on it: “What are words worth”, where I… well, you saw the headline.

In the age of social media and user-generated content, suggesting that your name on someone else’s website is “exposure” is like suggesting membership of the HTML Writer’s Guild will boost your chances of getting a well-paid agency job.






0 responses to “‘Contribute to my website’ is the new pay to play”

  1. Love your commentaries. I used to subscribe to .NET mostly for your sections. Then stopped, but would still like to read them. I found some of them on the .NET website, but they don’t seem to put them up regularly. Or is there a specific public space where I can find them rather than typing “Bigmouth” into the search box?

  2. mupwangle

    You do realise that if nobody subscribes to the magazines that Gary writes for and instead reads them all online for free then they won’t pay him, he’ll have no money for food and will die?

  3. Gary

    Hi Wolfgang, nice to hear from you. The site’s being redesigned just now and I think the columns will go up much more quickly now. I keep meaning to put the old ones up here but I keep forgetting :)

  4. mupwangle

    Oddly though he seems not too bothered about his imminent death. I suppose i’ll have to inform the parents.

  5. Gary

    I found many grey hairs in my beard yesterday. My good lady wife’s reaction was not “wow, that makes you look EVEN MORE AWESOME”; it was “could be worse. You could be dead”.

  6. mupwangle

    Ruth takes an ihuman amount of pleasure from noticing my grey hairs.

  7. mupwangle

    Note the word “inhuman”. Not an accidental word choice.

  8. Because of the way the comments are threaded, I read this:

    > his imminent death

    long before this:

    > they won’t pay him, he’ll have no money for food and will die

    Which was quite alarming. It was like everyone knows Gary’s about to die; such a well-known fact it’s not even worth explaining.

  9. Gary

    Well, hopefully it isn’t imminent.

  10. Gary

    Mupwangle: the only fair response is to go HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THOSE WRINKLES.

    From a safe distance.