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Nokia. Connecting (Microsoft) people

I wrote about Nokia’s fading fortunes a few months ago and got into trouble for suggesting Nokia should embrace another OS – Android, say, or Windows Phone 7. Today, Nokia announced that Windows Phone 7 would be the central plank of its smartphone strategy. Naturally I think that’s a great idea, and I explain why over on Techradar.

Nothing in tech is certain, of course, and the whole partnership could end in disaster. But I’m really excited about this. Nokia makes stunning hardware, and Windows Phone 7 is a really nice mobile OS.

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I’d rather have seen Meego, but this is still good news. IOS is made by a company who absolutely refuse to give you a choice of phones, overcharge horribly, and treat their customers with contempt; Android is made by a firm whose business plan is to gather every bit of data there is about you and sell it, and who’ve demonstrated they’ll break the law to do it if they think they can get away with it — call me paranoid, but having their operating system running on a device that contains all my contacts, emails, call history, texts (including bank statements), and GPS location seems insanely reckless. So any viable alternative is good news.

The worry is that the two firms’ corporate cultures will bugger the whole thing up. I hope that doesn’t happen – you’re right, alternatives are important.

I suspect it’ll be Just Another Linux in effect. The handset firms who want open source-ish are overwhelmingly going for Android.

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