If I were the sort of person who used the phrase “paradigm shift”, I’d use it here

Me: why the HP TouchPad is another nail in Windows’ coffin.

What’s happening is incredible, and it’s happening incredibly quickly. Until very recently, personal computing generally meant Windows running on Intel, with a smattering of AMD, Linux and Mac OS X to keep the internet in arguments. Now, though, personal computing often doesn’t involve traditional computers at all.






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  1. The other reason it’s interesting is that people have this tendency to think that huge powerful companies like Microsoft are unassailable and will never do anything but get bigger and more powerful. Always good to see an idiotic but widely held belief punctured.

    Makes the US’s and EU’s anti-trust actions look really stupid now.

  2. Oh, and by the way, that’s such a lame get-out. “If I were the sort of person who…” Aye, right. You clearly are. Putting it in ironic quotes isn’t fooling anyone.

  3. gary

    I know what I’m doing, sometimes :)

  4. gary

    There is of course an argument that if it weren’t for the anti-trust stuff, none of this would have happened :)

    I think you’re right though, people assume that the way things are now is the way things will always be.

  5. Yeah, there is an argument. But it’s tenuous. Microsoft aren’t losing market share because of browsers.