Who’s on the phone? THE FUTURE

You know how I’m often to be found banging on about augmented reality and its potential for awesomeness? Check this out.

It’s real and it works. Astonishing. More here.

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You can have a lot of fun* pointing it at an Apple-style chiclet keyboard and watching it change all the letters.

They’re stressing that it’s a dictionary rather than a translator, but the potential is incredible. That it’s happening in real time is extraordinary.

* OK, a little bit of fun

There was a spanish person on one of the tech blogs who was pointing out that the translation was actually really shit. Obviously they’d never used google translate before.

The really sad thing is that there are probably more people watching that video who would rather the technology was developed to see through her top than the technology being demonstrated. :-)

I have no doubt such an app is in development.

I don’t know about the criticism you saw, but I have seen a few people saying it doesn’t do sentences. Which is true, but I don’t think that means it has no value. Understanding signage, the odd menu etc is still useful.

>>Which is true, but I don’t think that means it has no value.

Oh, totally. That’s why I mentioned google translate. It makes you talk like the policeman in allo allo, but it can help you get the gist.

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