Google’s Windows-killer is a bit meh

Have you been following the launch of Google’s Chrome OS? I’m finding the whole thing a bit underwhelming:

Most questions to which the answer could be “Chrome notebook” can also be answered “iPad” or “Android tablet”.

What boots faster than a traditional PC (the answer to that one also includes “MacBook Air” and “Anything with solid state storage”)? What runs web apps from an App Store? What sleeps and wakes instantly? What’s very secure and very unlikely to get viruses? What’s really portable? What has great battery life? What can access the enterprise systems from a secure yet friendly interface? Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

What I don’t get is, why limit your options? If the kit costs roughly the same as any other notebook, which I assume it will, why go for a Chrome-only system when you can get a Windows or Linux system and run the Chrome browser on it?